Specialist in Plastic, Maxillofacial and Reconstructive Surgery

Breast Reduction

Reduce large and ptosed breast volume by removing fat, glandular tissue and skin. Remodels and improves the shape of the chest.

Reduce and reshape the chest

Reduce the volume of the breast and large ptosada, removing fat, glandular tissue and skin. To relieve the pain of cervical dorsal column may have a medical indication and be covered by health insurance or medical systems agreed.

Lenght: 2h30m to 3h30m. Type of Anesthesia: General.
Regimen: Inpatient for 1 to 2 days.
Side Effects: Pain and temporary discomfort, swelling, bruising and permanent scarring. Possibility of losing the ability to breastfeed.
Recovery: Back to work and social activities within 2 weeks. Intense physical activities and sports, after several weeks.
Duration of Results: Permanent, but may vary with hormonal changes, weight gain and pregnancy.