Specialist in Plastic, Maxillofacial and Reconstructive Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

Correct the fall and excess skin, and the "papos" of the lower eyelids, removing skin, fat and muscle.

Reshape the eye skin

Correct the fall and excess of the upper eyelid, and "puffiness" of the lower eyelids, partially removing the skin, fat and muscle. In cases of difficulty of vision may be covered by health insurance and medical systems agreed.

Lenght: 1h00m to 2h00m.

Type of anesthesia: Local. Ocasionalmente geral.
Regimen: Usually outpatient.
Side effects: Temporary discomfort, tightness eyelid edema and temporary bruising. Tearing and sensitivity to light.
Recovery: Back to work 7-10 days. Use of contact lenses after 2 weeks. Heavy physical activity, about 3 weeks.
Duration of Results: Several years and sometimes permanent.