Specialist in Plastic, Maxillofacial and Reconstructive Surgery

Correction of Wrinkles

Remodel the basic shapes and balance of the face, nose and malar prominence, correct wrinkles and minor skin defects.

Implants and Correction of Facial Wrinkles

Modify the basic shapes and balance of the face using artificial implants appropriate to reshape his forehead, nose and increase the malar prominence. To correct small defects of wrinkles and skin there are various methods such as injection of hyaluronic acid, fat or permanente material(seldom used).

Length: Variable 1h 30m in the case of treatment of wrinkles and 1pm to 3pm in the case of facial implants.

Type of Anesthesia: It is not necessary to treat wrinkles. General anesthesia, in the case of facial implants.
Regimen: Outpatient or inpatient short of 1 day.
Side Effects: Swelling, redness, temporary discomfort and feeling of anesthesia.
Recovery: Immediate treatment of wrinkles. In the case of facial implants, returning to work in week 1 and appearance of normal within 2 to 4 weeks.
Duration of Results: 1 to 2 years for the treatment of wrinkles with collagen and fat. Permanent and definitive in case of implants and facial wrinkle treatment with Artecoll ®.